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661W cell, alphaTN4-1 cell, amacrine cell, anterior chamber of the eye, ARPE cell, ARPE-19 cell, Brown Pearce carcinoma cell, choroid, ciliary body, ciliary epithelium, ciliary muscle, compound eye, cornea, corneal epithelial cell, corneal epithelium, corneal fibroblast cell line, D-407 cell, extraocular muscle, eye, eye cancer cell, ganglion cell layer, harderian gland, HCE cell, HLE-B3 cell, HLEC-SRA 01/04 cell, horizontal cell, hTERT-RPE1 cell, human lens epithelial cell line, inner nuclear layer, inner plexiform layer, interphotoreceptor matrix, iris, iris dilator muscle, iris smooth muscle, iris sphincter muscle, keratocyte, lacrimal gland acinar cell, lens, lens cortex, lens epithelial cell line, lens epithelium, lens fiber, lens nucleus, macula lutea, mesenchymal epithelium, MIO-M1 cell, Mueller cell, neural retina, nonpigmented ciliary epithelium, ocellus, ommatidium, ophthalmic lavage fluid, optic nerve, outer nuclear layer, outer plexiform layer, PH-5 cell, photoreceptor cell, posterior chamber of the eye, reticulum trabeculare, retina, retinal cell line, retinal cone, retinal ganglion cell, retinal ganglion cell line, retinal microvascular endothelial cell, retinal pigment epithelium, retinal pigment epithelium cell, retinal pigment epithelium cell line, retinal rod, retinoblastoma cell, retinoblastoma cell line, RGC-5 cell, rMC-1 cell, sclera, scleral lamina cribrosa, SIRC cell, SNUOT-Rb1 cell, tear, tear gland, THCE cell, TRK-43 cell, vitreous chamber of the eye, vitreous humor, Y-79 cell