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143-B cell, 1BR3.G cell, 2BN cell, 2fTGH cell, 3T3-F442A cell, 3T3-L1 cell, 3T6-Swiss albino cell, 3Y1-B clone 1 cell, 46BR.1G1 cell, 46BRLigI cell, A-204 cell, A-673 cell, A-9 cell, A31N-ts20 cell, abdominal adipose tissue, Abrams cell, ACI-45 cell, adipocyte, adipocyte cell line, adipose tissue, adipose-derived stromal cell, annulus fibrosus, annulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis, aortic adventitial fibroblast, arachnoid trabecula, articular cartilage, ATRkd cell, bacteriocyte, BALB/3T12-3 cell, BALB/3T3 cell, BALB/3T3-T cell, BJ cell, BMMC cell, bone, bone cancer cell, bone cancer cell line, bone cell line, bone lining cell, bone marrow stromal cell, bone marrow stromal cell line, bone matrix, BRE-169 cell, brown adipocyte, brown adipose tissue, C-20/A4 cell, C-28/I2 cell, C-3842 cell, C8PA cell, CAL-72 cell, calcaneal bone, calvarium, cancellous bone, carcinosarcoma cell, cardiofibroblast, cartilage, CCD-1095Sk cell, CCD-19LU cell, CCD-43Sk cell, CCD-986Sk cell, CCL-39 cell, chondroblast, chondroblastoma cell, chondroclast, chondrocyte, chondrocyte cell line, chondrogenic cell, chondrogenic MCT cell, chondroma cell, chondrosarcoma cell, chondrosarcoma cell line, CME-1 cell, colonocyte, connective tissue, COS cell, COS-1 cell, COS-31 cell, COS-7 cell, cranium, crypt, CV-1 cell, D17 cell, DC-3F cell, DC-3F/9-OH-E cell, DC-3F/ADX cell, DDT1-MF-2 cell, dermal fibroblast, Detroit-551 cell, DPK-SKDF-H cell, Dunn cell, embryonic fibroblast, embryonic fibroblast cell line, endochondral bone, endometrial stromal cell, epididymal white adipose tissue, epiglottis, epineurium, epiphyseal growth plate, epiphysis, Ewing's family tumor cell, Ewing's sarcoma cell, fascia, fat body, fat pad, FD-1 cell, FD105 cell, femur, fibroblast, fibroblast cell line, fibroblast-like synoviocyte, fibrocarcinoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell line, fibula, flexor tendon, foramen magnum, foreskin fibroblast cell line, G-292 cell, gill arch, gingival fibroblast, GM00037 cell, GM00637 cell, GM01492 cell, GM02037 cell, GM03440 cell, GM16096 cell, granulation tissue, HAoAF cell, HELF cell, HF-19 cell, HFF-1 cell, HFF2/T cell, HFL-1 cell, hFOB 1.19 cell, hFOB cell, HIB-1B cell, HIG-82 cell, HMC-1 cell, HMPOS cell, HOB-c cell, HOS cell, HR-3Y1 cell, Hs 925.T cell, Hs-27 cell, HS-5 cell, HS-68 cell, HS-74 cell, Hs888Lu cell, HSDM1C1 cell, HT-1080 cell, HTD-114 cell, HuO-3N1 cell, hypobranchial, I-cell, IDH4 cell, IIC9 cell, IMR-90 cell, interstitial cell, intramuscular adipose tissue, jaw, JJ012 cell, JJ012-TS4 cell, joint, K7M2-WT cell, Kaposi's sarcoma cell, KEL-FIB cell, keratocyst, KMST-6 cell, KRIB cell, KS-IMM cell, L-929 cell, L-Wnt-3A cell, L87/4 cell, L88/5 cell, LAD-2 cell, lamina propria, leiomyosarcoma cell, Leydig cell, Leydig cell line, Leydig cell tumor cell, liposarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell line, LL24 cell, long bone, lung fibroblast, lung fibroblast cell line, lymphosarcoma cell, M5076 cell, mandible, mandibular condyle, marrow, mast cell, mast cell line, mastocytoma cell, mastocytoma cell line, MBA-15 cell, Mbeta16tsA cell, MC-3T3 cell, MC3T3-E1 cell, MC3T3-E1(C4) cell, MC57 cell, MEF cell, meniscus, mesenchymal stromal cell, mesenteric adipose tissue, metatarsal bone, MG-63 cell, MH7A cell, MHM cell, MLO-Y4 cell, MNNG/HOS cell, MRC-5 cell, MRC-5V1 cell, MRC5-SV cell, MST cell, mTOP2beta-4 cell, mTOP2beta-5 cell, mucosal mast cell, myofibroblast, myofibroblast cell line, N-1511 cell, NCI cell, NCR-EW2 cell, NHOst cell, NIH-3T3 cell, NIH-3T3-A14 cell, NPD-1 cell, NR-6 cell, NW-16 cell, oncogenic osteomalacia cell, OP-9 cell, OSA-344 cell, osseous plate, osteoarticular cell, osteoblast, osteoblast cell line, osteoblastoma cell, osteochondroma cell, osteoclast, osteoclastoma cell, osteocyte, osteogenic cell, osteogenic cell line, osteoma cell, osteophyte, osteosarcoma cell, osteosarcoma cell line, ovarian theca-interstitial cell, P-815 cell, PA-23 cell, paneth cell, parametrial fat pad, PEA-13 cell, perichondrium, pericryptal myofibroblast, perineurium, periosteum, perirenal adipose tissue, pes anserinus, PNET-2 cell, POS cell, preadipocyte, preadipocyte cell line, preosteoblast, preosteoclast, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell line, Rat-1 cell, Rat-1/BB16 cell, Rat-2 cell, RD cell, RD-ES cell, REF-52 cell, RFL-6 cell, Rh-30 cell, Rh-4 cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell line, RHEK-1 cell, rheumatoid arthritis disease specific fibroblast-like synoviocyte, rheumatoid arthritis disease specific giant cell, rheumatoid arthritis disease specific synovial fibroblast, rheumatoid arthritis disease specific synovial fluid, rheumatoid arthritis disease specific synovial tissue, ROS cell, ROS-17/2.8 cell, Rous sarcoma cell, RTG-2 cell, RTG-P1 cell, S-180 cell, SAOS-2 cell, SAOS-alpha2beta1 cell, sarcoma cell, sarcoma cell line, scapula, SCMC-ES1 cell, serosal mast cell, SGS cell, SHAC cell, SJSA-1 cell, SK-LMS-1 cell, SK-UT-1 cell, SK-UT-1B cell, skin fibroblast, skin fibroblast cell line, SR-3Y1 cell, ST-2 cell, sternal cartilage, sternum, STF1-169 cell, stromal cell, stromal cell line, subcutaneous adipose tissue, subcutaneous tissue, supportive connective tissue, SW-1353 cell, SW-872 cell, synovia, synovial cell, synovial cell line, synovial fibroblast, synovial sarcoma cell, synovial sarcoma cell line, synovial tissue, synoviocyte, synovium, T/C-28a2 cell, T/C-28a4 cell, talus, TC-32 cell, TC-71 cell, TE 353.Sk cell, TE-671 cell, temporomandibular articular disk, temporomandibular joint, tendon, tendon sheath, tenocyte, theca cell, theca externa, theca folliculi, theca interna, tibia, tibial cartilage, tibial chondrocyte, TIG-1 cell, TIG-3-20 cell, TIG-7 cell, TM-3 cell, trabecula, TS-20 cell, U2-OS cell, UAMS-32 cell, UMR-106 cell, UMR-106-01 cell, uterine leiomyosarcoma cell, uterine sarcoma cell, V-79 cell, V79MZh11B2 cell, VA13-TS4 cell, vertebral endplate, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, white adipocyte, white adipose tissue, WI-26 cell, WI-38 cell, XC cell, XP-V XP30RO cell, Yoshida ascites sarcoma cell, Yoshida sarcoma cell