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0308 cell, 1321-N1 cell, 1C9 cell, 2102Ep cell, 293-F FreeStyle cell, 293-IL-1RI cell, 3T3-L1 cell, 3T6-Swiss albino cell, 3Y1-B clone 1 cell, A-1207 cell, A-172 cell, A31N-ts20 cell, A7r5 cell, Aag-2 cell, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor cell, ADF cell, AF5 cell, alpha-motoneuron, alveolar bone, amacrine cell, ameloblast, ameloblastic layer, ameloblastoma cell, amoebocyte, anal plate, anaplastic astrocytoma cell, angioblast, anterior horn cell, anterior midgut, anterior visceral endoderm, arcuate nucleus, astroblast, astrocyte, astrocyte cell line, astrocytoma cell, astrocytoma cell line, ATDC-5 cell, auditory vesicle, B-50 cell, BALB/3T12-3 cell, BALB/3T3 cell, BALB/3T3-T cell, Bergmann fiber, BG3A-C2 cell, bipolar cell, Bm3-c2 cell, BOSC-23 cell, branchial arch, BT-145 cell, bud, C-2 cell, C2C12 cell, C3H10T1/2 cell, C3H10T1/2 clone 8 cell, C8PA cell, cardiomyoblast, CATH.a cell, CCE-24 cell, CCF-STTG1 cell, cerebellar granule cell, cerebellar Purkinje cell, cerebral cortical neuron, cerebral giant cell, CGR-8 cell, chemoreceptor cell, cholinergic neuron, CJ7 cell, CN1.4 cell, coelom, coelomic fluid, coelomocyte, COM-3 cell, CSM14.1 cell, D1-HEK-293 cell, dental follicle, dental lamina, dental papilla, dermatome, dopaminergic neuron, dorsal aorta, dorsal endoderm, EAhy 926 cell, EBTr (NBL-4) cell, ECRF cell, ectoderm, ECV-304 cell, embryo, embryonic blood, embryonic brain, embryonic carcinoma cell, embryonic carcinoma cell line, embryonic cell line, embryonic fibroblast, embryonic fibroblast cell line, embryonic hippocampal cell line, embryonic kidney cell line, embryonic neural stem cell, embryonic stem cell, embryonic stem cell line, embryonic tracheal system, enamel epithelium, enamel organ, endoderm, enteric nervous system, ES-D3 cell, ES-E14 cell, EUE cell, F-9 cell, feather bud, floor plate, foregut, FPMI-CF-203 cell, GaMG cell, gamma-motoneuron, gastrodermis, GBM-8401 cell, GE-11 cell, germ layer, glioblastoma cell, glioblastoma cell line, glioblastoma multiforme cell, glioblastoma multiforme cell line, glomus cell, GOTO cell, granule cell, GT1-1 cell, GT1-7 cell, gut, gut epithelium, gut juice, gut mucosa, gut wall, H9c2 cell, hatching gland, hatching liquid, HB1.F3 cell, HEI-193 cell, HEK-293 cell, HEK-293 PEAKrapid cell, HEK-293 Tet-On 3G cell, HEK-293-EBNA cell, HEK-293A cell, HEK-293B2 cell, HEK-293F cell, HEK-293FT cell, HEK-293H cell, HEK-293VnR cell, HEK-AD293 cell, HELF cell, hepatopancreas, hindgut, histaminergic neuron, HN9.10e cell, horizontal cell, HR-3Y1 cell, HTAU cell, HUAEC cell, HUASMC cell, HUVE-12 cell, HUVEC cell, IIC9 cell, ingluvial ganglion, ink sac, interneuron, Kc cell, KMST-6 cell, L-6 myoblast cell, L57-3-11 cell, L6E9 cell, left colon, LHCN-M2 cell, limb bud, LN-18 cell, LN-229 cell, LN-235 cell, LN-319 cell, LN-382 cell, LN-428 cell, LN-443 cell, LN-444 cell, LN-464 cell, M-14-K cell, M-28-K cell, M-9-K cell, Mbeta16tsA cell, MC3T3-E1 cell, MC3T3-E1(C4) cell, medium spiny neuron, MEF cell, melan-a cell, melanoblast, mesenchymal cell, mesenchyme, mesendoderm, mesoderm, mesonephric duct, mesonephron, mesothelioma cell, mesothelioma cell line, mesothelium, metanephron, MG1.19 cell, middle midgut, midgut, midgut cell line, midgut epithelium, midgut secretion, motoneuron, MSTO-211H cell, mTOP2beta-4 cell, mTOP2beta-5 cell, myoblast, myoblast cell line, myotome, myotube, N-27 cell, NCE-G55T2 cell, NE-4C cell, neostriatal neuron, nerve ring, Neu-7 cell, neural arch, neural cord, neural crest, neural crest cell, neural crest cell line, neural crest-derived stem cell, neural plate, neural tube, neurilemoma cell line, neuroblast, neuroectodermal tumor cell, neuroepithelial cell, neuroepithelioma cell, neuroepithelioma cell line, neuroepithelium, neurofibroma cell, neuroma cell, neuron, neuronal cell line, neurosecretory cell, neurula, NIH-3T3 cell, NIH-3T3-A14 cell, notochord, NT2-N cell, NT2-Rho0 cell, NT2/D1 cell, NTERA-2 cell, NW-16 cell, olfactory receptor neuron, OP-6 cell, optic cup, P-19 cell, PEA-13 cell, peritrophic membrane, pharyngeal arch cartilage, pilocytic astrocytoma cell, pleural mesothelioma cell, pleural mesothelioma cell line, PNET-2 cell, posterior cardinal vein, posterior midgut, prechordal mesendoderm, primary enamel knot, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell line, pronephric duct, pronephric tubule, pronephros, pseudopalisading cell, pyramidal neuron, R1 cell, Rat-2 cell, RBA-2 cell, REF-52 cell, retinal stem cell, rHypoE-22 cell, right colon, right colon mucosa, RN-46A cell, RST-307 cell, RT-2 cell, ScGT1 cell, SCHNEIDER-2 cell, sclerotome, sensory cell, serotonergic neuron, SF-295 cell, SF-539 cell, SF-767 cell, SF-xL cell, shell gland, SK-N-MC cell, SN-56 cell, SNB-19 cell, SNB-75 cell, somatic embryo, somite, SR-3Y1 cell, STAV-AB cell, STAV-FCS cell, stellate reticulum, stomodeum, stratum intermedium, striatal neuron, striatonigral neuron, STS-26T cell, T-98 cell, T-98G cell, T-REx 293 cell, tail bud, TC-1 cell, TE-03 cell, Tet-iNOS-293 cell, tooth bud, tooth germ, TS-20 cell, tsA-201 cell, TSM1 cell, TX3868 cell, U-118MG cell, U-138MG cell, U-343MG cell, U-373MG cell, U-87MG cell, U-87MG/DDP cell, umbilical artery, umbilical artery endothelium, umbilical artery smooth muscle, umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord blood cell, umbilical vein, umbilical vein endothelial cell, umbilical vein endothelial cell line, umbilical vein endothelium, umbilical vein smooth muscle, ureteric bud, urogenital ridge, VA13-TS4 cell, ventral aorta, WA-01 cell, WA-07 cell, WA-09 cell, WI-38 cell, wing bud, WSS-1 cell, XF-498 cell, XLT-15 cell