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1682-A cell, A7 cell, AML-12 cell, ARL-15C1 cell, ARL-16T2 cell, AS-30D cell, BEL-7402 cell, BEL-7404 cell, BEL-7404-CP20 cell, BNL CL.2 cell, BNL-HCC cell, BRL cell, BRL-3A cell, CBRH-7919 cell, Chang cell, FAA-HTC1 cell, FAO cell, FAZA cell, FHCC-98 cell, FL83B cell, FTO-2B cell, GN5 cell, GP6 cell, GRX cell, H2.35 cell, H4-II-E-C3 cell, H4TG cell, HA22T/VGH cell, HB611 cell, Hca-F cell, HCCLM-9 cell, HEP-3B cell, Hep-G2 cell, Hep-G2/2.15 cell, HEP-G2/2.2.1 cell, Hep-G2/ADM cell, Hep-G2/C3A cell, HEPA 1-6 cell, Hepa-1 cell, Hepa-1c1c7 cell, Hepa-RG cell, HepAD38 cell, hepatic stellate cell line, hepatoblastoma cell line, hepatoma ascites cell line, hepatoma cell line, hepatoma HLE cell, HHL-5 cell, HL-7702 cell, HL1C cell, HSC-180 cell, HSC-T6 cell, HTC cell, HTC-4 cell, HuH-1 cell, HuH-6 cell, HuH-7 cell, Huh-7.5 cell, Huh-7.5.1 cell, IHH cell, J5 hepatoma cell, J7 hepatoma cell, KKU-M139 cell, LH-86 cell, LI90 cell, liver cell line, liver epithelial cell line, Lunet-Con1 cell, LX-1 cell, LX-2 cell, M22 cell, Mahlavu cell, McA-RH7777 cell, MH134 cell, MHCC-97 cell, MHCC97-H cell, MHCC97-L cell, MIHA cell, Morris hepatoma 3924A cell, Morris hepatoma 7316A cell, Morris hepatoma 7777 cell, Morris hepatoma 7800C1 cell, Morris hepatoma cell, OC/CDE22 cell, OR-6 cell, ORL-8 cell, PH5CH-8 cell, PLC-PRF-5 cell, PLHC-1/dox cell, QGY-7703 cell, QZG cell, RL-19 cell, RTH-149 cell, RzM6-LC cell, SK-HEP-1 cell, SMMC-7721 cell, SNU-182 cell, SNU-354 cell, SNU-368 cell, SNU-398 cell, SNU-423 cell, SNU-449 cell, SNU-475 cell, SOB-15 cell, TAMH cell, THC-252 cell, THC-H5D cell, THLE-5b cell, WB-311 cell, WB-F344 cell, WIF-B cell, WIF-B9 cell, WT-8 cell, Yoshida AH-130 cell, Yoshida AH-66 cell, Yoshida ascites hepatoma cell line, YY-8103 cell