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0308 cell, 1321-N1 cell, A-1207 cell, A-172 cell, accessory olfactory bulb, adenohypophysis, adenohypophysis tumor cell, ADF cell, agranular insular cortex, alphaT3-1 cell, amacrine cell, amoeboid microglia, amygdala, amyloid plaque, anaplastic astrocytoma cell, anaplastic oligodendroglioma cell, antennal lobe, anterior cingulate cortex, anterior commissure, anterior horn, anterior horn cell, anterior lobe, anterior olfactory nucleus, arachnoid barrier layer, arachnoid mater, arachnoid trabecula, arcopallium, area postrema, astrocyte, astrocyte cell line, astrocytoma cell, astrocytoma cell line, astroglia, astroglial cell, AtT-20 cell, auditory cortex, B-12 cell, basal forebrain, basal ganglion, basal telencephalon, basis pedunculi cerebri, BC3H1 cell, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, BEN-MEN-1 cell, bEnd3 cell, Bergmann fiber, blood-brain barrier, BN17 cell, brain, brain cancer cell, brain cancer cell line, brain capillary endothelial cell line, brain cell line, brain cortex cell line, brain endothelial cell, brain endothelium, brain endothelium cell line, brain microvascular endothelial cell, brain microvessel endothelial cell, brain myelin, brain stem, brain ventricle, brainstem glioma cell, BT-145 cell, BV-2 cell, C6 glioma cell, CATH.a cell, caudate nucleus, caudate putamen, caudolateral nidopallium, cavum septum pellucidum, CCF-STTG1 cell, cEND cell, central amygdaloid nucleus, centrum semiovale, cerebellar cortex, cerebellar nucleus, cerebellar Purkinje cell, cerebellum, cerebral cortex, cerebral cortical neuron, cerebral gray matter, cerebral gyrus, cerebral hemisphere, cerebral subcortex, cerebral white matter, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrovascular endothelial cell, CG-4 cell, choroid plexus, choroid plexus epithelium, choroid plexus papilloma cell, cingulate cortex, cingulate gyrus, claustrum, CN1.4 cell, cornu ammonis, corpora quadrigemina, corpus callosum, corpus striatum, corticotropic cell, D-283MED cell, D-54MG cell, DAOY cell, dentate granule cell, dentate gyrus, deutocerebrum, diagonal band, diencephalon, dorsal raphe nucleus, dorsal striatum, dura mater, E-18 rat primary hippocampal neuron, embryonic brain, embryonic hippocampal cell line, endopeduncular nucleus, entorhinal area, entorhinal cortex, ependymal epithelium, ependymocyte, ependymoma cell, epithalamus, extrastriate cortex, F5 meningioma cell, fascia dentata, forebrain, fourth ventricle, frontal lobe, frontoparietal cortex, GaMG cell, GBM-8401 cell, GH3 cell, GH4-C1 cell, glia, glial cell, glial cell line, glioblastoma cell, glioblastoma cell line, glioblastoma multiforme cell, glioblastoma multiforme cell line, glioma cell, glioma cell line, globoid cell, globus pallidus, glomerular layer, GOTO cell, granular insular cortex, granule cell layer, H4 neuroglioma cell, H4-APP751 cell, H4-C99 cell, habenula, habenular nucleus, HAP-1 cell, HBL-52 cell, HCMEC/D3 cell, HCN-1A cell, HCN-2 cell, high vocal center, hindbrain, hippocampal cell line, hippocampal mossy fiber, hippocampal pyramidal layer, hippocampus, HN9.10e cell, HOG cell, HS-683 cell, HT-22 cell, HTAU cell, human brain microvascular endothelial cell, hyperpallium, hyperpallium apicale, hypophysis, hypothalamic nucleus, hypothalamus, inferior frontal gyrus, inferior olivary complex, inferior olivary nucleus, infralimbic cortex, infundibular nucleus, infundibulum, insular cortex, internal capsule, IOMM-Lee cell, Kenyon cell, KNS-42 cell, lateral dorsal nucleus, lateral entorhinal cortex, lateral geniculate body, lateral geniculate nucleus, lateral habenular nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus, lateral septal area, lateral ventricle, lateral vestibular nucleus, laterodorsal tegmental nucleus, laterodorsal thalamic nucleus, LbetaT2 cell, leptomeninx, lewy body, limbic system, LN-18 cell, LN-229 cell, LN-235 cell, LN-319 cell, LN-382 cell, LN-428 cell, LN-443 cell, LN-444 cell, LN-464 cell, LN-71 cell, locus ceruleus, medial amygdaloid nucleus, medial dorsal nucleus of thalamus, medial geniculate body, medial geniculate nucleus, medial habenular nucleus, medial nidopallium, medial septum, medial temporal lobe, medial vestibular nucleus, median eminence, medium spiny neuron, medulla oblongata, medulloblastoma cell, medulloblastoma cell line, melanotroph, meningioma cell, meningothelial meningioma cell, meninx, mesopallium ventrale, metencephalon, Meynert's basal nucleus, microglia, microglial cell line, midbrain, midbrain central gray, middle frontal gyrus, mitral cell, motor cortex, mushroom body, myelencephalon, myelin, myelin membrane, myelin sheath, N-11 cell, N-9 cell, N20.1 cell, NCE-G55T2 cell, neocortex, neostriatal neuron, neostriatum, Neu-7 cell, neural lobe, neurofibrillary tangle, neurohypophysis, neuropil, NG-108-15 cell, NG2 cell, nidopallium, nucleus accumbens, nucleus isthmo-opticus, nucleus lentiformis, nucleus preopticus, nucleus recessus lateralis, nucleus reuniens, nucleus solitarius, occipital lobe, occipital pole, olfactory bulb, olfactory cortex, olfactory ensheathing cell, olfactory glomerulus, olfactory lobe, olfactory tract, olfactory tubercle, oligodendrocyte, oligodendroglia, oligodendroglioma cell, oligodendroglioma cell line, oliva, OLN-93 cell, OP-6 cell, optic lobe, para-high vocal center, parahippocampal gyrus, parahippocampal region, paraventricular nucleus, paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus, parietal lobe, pars compacta, pars distalis, pars intermedia, pars reticulata, pars tuberalis, periglomerular cell, perirhinal cortex, periventricular nucleus of hypothalamus, pia mater, pilocytic astrocytoma cell, pineal gland, pinealocyte, piriform area, pituicyte, pituitary gland cell line, pituitary gland tumor cell, pons, pontine nucleus, postcentral gyrus, posterior cingulate cortex, posterior hypothalamic nucleus, posterior lobe, posterior nuclear complex of thalamus, precerebellar system, prefrontal cortex, prelimbic cortex, preoptic area, protocerebrum, psammomatous meningioma cell, pseudopalisading cell, Purkinje layer, pyramidal neuron, Ra-2 cell, raphe nucleus, RBA-2 cell, RCSN-3 cell, Res-186 cell, Res-259 cell, retinoblastoma cell, retinoblastoma cell line, retrosplenial region, rhinencephalon, rhomboid nucleus, rHypoE-22 cell, rostral migratory stream, rostral ventrolateral medulla, RT-2 cell, RT4-D6P2T cell, satellite glial cell, sensorimotor area, septal area, septum pellucidum, SF-188 cell, SF-268 cell, SF-295 cell, SF-3061 cell, SF-539 cell, SF-767 cell, SF-xL cell, SHG-44 cell, SKMG cell, SN4741 cell, SNB-19 cell, SNB-75 cell, SNUOT-Rb1 cell, somatosensory cortex, spinal trigeminal tract, stratum granulosum cerebelli, stria terminalis, striatal neuron, striate cortex, striatonigral neuron, subcommissural organ, subfornical organ, subiculum, subpallium, substantia innominata, substantia nigra, subthalamic nucleus, subventricular zone, superior frontal gyrus, superior vestibular nucleus, suprachiasmatic nucleus, supraoptic nucleus, SVGp12 cell, T-98 cell, T-98G cell, tanycyte, tectum mesencephali, tegmentum, telencephalon, temporal lobe, tenia tecta, thalamic nucleus, thalamus, tritocerebrum, Tu-113 cell, Tu-132 cell, TX3868 cell, U-118MG cell, U-138MG cell, U-251MG cell, U-251SP cell, U-343MG cell, U-373MG cell, U-87MG cell, U-87MG/DDP cell, UW-479 cell, ventral globus pallidus, ventral posterior nucleus, ventral septal area, ventral striatum, ventricular zone, ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, vestibular nucleus, visual cortex, XF-498 cell, Y-79 cell, zona incerta