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143B cell, 2fTGH cell, A-204 cell, A-673 cell, Abrams cell, ACI-45 cell, ATRkd cell, bone, bone cancer cell, bone cancer cell line, bone cell line, bone matrix, C-3842 cell, CAL-72 cell, calcaneal bone, calvarium, cancellous bone, carcinosarcoma cell, chondrosarcoma cell, chondrosarcoma cell line, COS-31 cell, cranium, D17 cell, DDT1-MF-2 cell, Dunn cell, endochondral bone, epiphyseal growth plate, epiphysis, Ewing's family tumor cell, Ewing's sarcoma cell, femur, fibrosarcoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell line, fibula, foramen magnum, G-292 cell, gill arch, hFOB 1.19 cell, hFOB cell, HMPOS cell, HOB-c cell, HOS cell, Hs 925.T cell, HSDM1C1 cell, HT-1080 cell, HTD-114 cell, HuO-3N1 cell, hypobranchial, jaw, JJ012 cell, JJ012-TS4 cell, Kaposi's sarcoma cell, keratocyst, KRIB cell, KS-IMM cell, leiomyosarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell line, long bone, lymphosarcoma cell, M5076 cell, mandible, mandibular condyle, MBA-15 cell, MC-3T3 cell, MC3T3-E1 cell, MC3T3-E1(C4) cell, MC57 cell, metatarsal bone, MG-63 cell, MLO-Y4 cell, MNNG/HOS cell, NCI cell, NCR-EW2 cell, NHOst cell, oncogenic osteomalacia cell, OSA-344 cell, osseous plate, osteoblast, osteoblast cell line, osteoblastoma cell, osteochondroma cell, osteoclast, osteoclastoma cell, osteocyte, osteogenic cell, osteogenic cell line, osteoma cell, osteophyte, osteosarcoma cell, osteosarcoma cell line, PA-23 cell, periosteum, PNET-2 cell, POS cell, preosteoblast, preosteoclast, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell line, RD cell, RD-ES cell, Rh-30 cell, Rh-4 cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell line, ROS cell, ROS-17/2.8 cell, Rous sarcoma cell, S-180 cell, SAOS-2 cell, SAOS-alpha2beta1 cell, sarcoma cell, sarcoma cell line, scapula, SCMC-ES1 cell, SGS cell, SHAC cell, SJSA-1 cell, SK-LMS-1 cell, SK-UT-1 cell, sternum, SW-1353 cell, SW-872 cell, synovial sarcoma cell, talus, TC-32 cell, TC-71 cell, TE-671 cell, temporomandibular articular disk, temporomandibular joint, tibia, tibial cartilage, tibial chondrocyte, U2-OS cell, UAMS-32 cell, UMR-106 cell, UMR-106-01 cell, uterine leiomyosarcoma cell, uterine sarcoma cell, vertebral endplate, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, XC cell, Yoshida ascites sarcoma cell, Yoshida sarcoma cell