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  • Wellert, S.; Tiersch, B.; Koetz, J.; Richardt, A.; Lapp, A.; Holderer, O.; Gaeb, J.; Blum, M.M.; Schulreich, C.; Stehle, R.; Hellweg, T.
    The DFPase from Loligo vulgaris in sugar surfactant-based bicontinuous microemulsions: structure, dynamics, and enzyme activity (2011), Eur. Biophys. J., 40, 761-774.
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Crystallization (Commentary)

Crystallization (Comment) Organism
hydrodynamic model calculations based on the DFPase crystal structure from the native state enzyme structure in solution by use of different scattering methods, i.e. small-angle neutron scattering, overview Loligo vulgaris

Protein Variants

Protein Variants Comment Organism
additional information preparation of bicontinuous microemulsions made of sugar surfactants as host systems for the DFPase. The microemulsion remains stable in the presence of the enzyme, scattering experiments. DFPase still has high activity in this complex reaction medium, overview Loligo vulgaris


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Loligo vulgaris


Synonyms Comment Organism
Loligo vulgaris
diisopropyl fluorophosphatase
Loligo vulgaris