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  • Palella, T.D.; Andres, C.M.; Fox, I.H.
    Human placental adenosine kinase. Kinetic mechanism and inhibition (1980), J. Biol. Chem., 255, 5264-5269.
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General Stability

General Stability Organism
bovine serum albumin stabilizes Homo sapiens
purified enzyme preparation is stable in the concentrated form Homo sapiens


Inhibitors Comment Organism Structure
2',3'-isopropylidene adenosine weak inhibition Homo sapiens
2'-deoxyadenosine substrate inhibition Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens
4-amino-5-iodo-7beta-D-ribofuranosyl-7H-pyrrole(2,3-d)-pyrimidine 100% inhibition Homo sapiens
5'-deoxyadenosine 100% inhibition Homo sapiens
6-gamma,gamma-dimethylallylaminopurine riboside 90% inhibition Homo sapiens
6-Methylmercaptopurine riboside strong inhibition, substrate inhibition Homo sapiens
adenosine above 0.0025 mM, at pH 7.4, with ATP and Mg2+ 0.2 mM Homo sapiens
ADP noncompetitive with respect to adenosine and ATP Homo sapiens
AMP competitive with respect to adenosine and noncompetitive with respect to ATP Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens
deoxymethylthioadenosine weak inhibition Homo sapiens
Mg2+ at high concentrations Homo sapiens
additional information at pH 5.5, with equimolar concentrations of ATP and Mg2+ from 0.2 to 1 mM there is no inhibition by adenosine over a range of 0 to 0.02 mM; product inhibition study Homo sapiens
S-adenosylhomocysteine 97% inhibition Homo sapiens
uridine weak inhibition Homo sapiens

KM Value [mM]

KM Value [mM] KM Value Maximum [mM] Substrate Comment Organism Structure
0.00015 0.0005 adenosine pH 7.4, 37ºC Homo sapiens
0.073 0.0755 ATP pH 7.4, 37ºC Homo sapiens
0.073 0.0755 ATP ATP in form of MgATP2- Homo sapiens


Metals/Ions Comment Organism Structure
Mg2+ requirement Homo sapiens
Mg2+ reactive species: MgATP2- Homo sapiens
Mg2+ optimum activity with 0.4-0.8 mM, at pH 6.5. Above, inhibition Homo sapiens
Mg2+ free nucleotide or free metal ion exert inhibitory effects Homo sapiens


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Homo sapiens

Purification (Commentary)

Purification (Comment) Organism
3600fold purification Homo sapiens

Source Tissue

Source Tissue Comment Organism Textmining
Homo sapiens

Specific Activity [micromol/min/mg]

Specific Activity Minimum [µmol/min/mg] Specific Activity Maximum [µmol/min/mg] Comment Organism
Homo sapiens

Substrates and Products (Substrate)

Substrates Comment Substrates Organism Products Comment (Products) Rev. Reac.
ATP + adenosine MgATP2- is the true substrate Homo sapiens ADP + AMP
ATP + 2'-deoxy-adenosine
Homo sapiens ADP + 2'-deoxy-AMP

pH Optimum

pH Optimum Minimum pH Optimum Maximum Comment Organism
Mg2+/ATP ratio 1 to 2 Homo sapiens

pH Stability

pH Stability pH Stability Maximum Comment Organism
additional information
progressive decrease in activity at pH 7.5 and 8.5, no activity at pH 4.5 Homo sapiens

Ki Value [mM]

Ki Value [mM] Ki Value maximum [mM] Inhibitor Comment Organism Structure
AMP pH 7.4, 37ºC, at variable adenosine and saturating MgATP2- concentration Homo sapiens
AMP pH 7.4, 37ºC, at variable ATP and saturating adenosine concentration Homo sapiens