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Literature summary for extracted from

  • Cesura, A.M.; Alberati-Giani, D.; Buchli, R.; Broger, C.; Kohler, C.; Vilbois, F.; Lahm, H.W.; Heitz, M.P.; Malherbe, P.
    Molecular characterization of kynurenine pathway enzymes: 3-Hydroxyanthranilic-acid dioxygenase and kynurenine aminotransferase (1996), Adv. Exp. Med. Biol., 398, 477-483.
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Cloned (Comment) Organism
expression in human embryonic kidney HEK-293 Rattus norvegicus


Inhibitors Comment Organism Structure
4-Bromo-3-hydroxyanthranilic acid
Rattus norvegicus

KM Value [mM]

KM Value [mM] KM Value Maximum [mM] Substrate Comment Organism Structure
3-hydroxyanthranilic acid
Rattus norvegicus

Molecular Weight [Da]

Molecular Weight [Da] Molecular Weight Maximum [Da] Comment Organism
ion spray MS, recombinant enzyme Rattus norvegicus
ion spray MS Rattus norvegicus


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Rattus norvegicus

Substrates and Products (Substrate)

Substrates Comment Substrates Organism Products Comment (Products) Rev. Reac.
3-hydroxyanthranilate + O2
Rattus norvegicus 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate semialdehyde reacts spontaneously to quinolinic acid ?


Subunits Comment Organism
monomer 1* 32589 or 32627, ion spray MS Rattus norvegicus

pH Optimum

pH Optimum Minimum pH Optimum Maximum Comment Organism
additional information
pI: 5.2 Rattus norvegicus