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Information on EC - E1 SAMP-activating enzyme

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC6.2.1.55
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EC Tree
     6 Ligases
         6.2 Forming carbon-sulfur bonds
             6.2.1 Acid-thiol ligases
       E1 SAMP-activating enzyme
IUBMB Comments
Contains Zn2+. The enzyme catalyses the activation of SAMPs (Small Archaeal Modifier Proteins), which are ubiquitin-like proteins found only in the Archaea. SAMPs are involved in protein degradation, and also act as sulfur carriers involved in thiolation of tRNA and other metabolites such as molybdopterin. The enzyme catalyses the ATP-dependent formation of a SAMP adenylate intermediate in which the C-terminal glycine of SAMP is bound to AMP via an acyl-phosphate linkage (reaction 1). This intermediate can accept a sulfur atom to form a thiocarboxylate moiety in a mechanism that is not yet understood. Alternatively, the E1 enzyme can transfer SAMP from its activated form to an internal cysteine residue, releasing AMP (reaction 2). In this case SAMP is subsequently transferred to a lysine residue in a target protein in a process termed SAMPylation. Auto-SAMPylation (attachment of SAMP to lysine residues within the E1 enzyme) has been observed. cf. EC, SAMP-activating enzyme.
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Word Map
  • ubiquitin-like
  • e2-like
  • autophagosome
  • autophagy-related
  • volcanii
  • haloferax
  • sampylation
  • ufm1
  • urmylation
  • apg12p
  • samp1
  • molybdopterin
  • cytoplasm-to-vacuole
  • ubiquitin-related
  • lc3-lipidation
  • ubiquitin-fold
  • gabarap
The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Haloferax volcanii
e1-like enzyme, noncanonical e1, e1-like ubaa, non-canonical e1, samp-activating e1 enzyme, noncanonical e1-like enzyme, more
ATP + [SAMP]-Gly-Gly + [E1 SAMP-activating enzyme]-L-cysteine = S-[[SAMP]-Gly-Gly]-[[E1 SAMP-activating enzyme]-L-cysteine] + AMP + diphosphate
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ATP + [SAMP]-Gly-Gly = diphosphate + [SAMP]-Gly-Gly-AMP
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[SAMP]-Gly-Gly-AMP + [E1 SAMP-activating enzyme]-L-cysteine = S-[[SAMP]-Gly-Gly]-[[E1 SAMP-activating enzyme]-L-cysteine] + AMP
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