Information on EC - (+)-car-3-ene synthase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC4.2.3.107
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EC Tree
     4 Lyases
         4.2 Carbon-oxygen lyases
             4.2.3 Acting on phosphates
       (+)-car-3-ene synthase
IUBMB Comments
The enzyme reacts with (3S)-linalyl diphosphate twice as rapidly as geranyl diphosphate, but 25 times as rapidly as (3R)-linalyl diphosphate. It is assumed that (3S)-linalyl diphosphate is normally formed as an enzyme bound intermediate in the reaction. In the reaction the 5-pro-R hydrogen of geranyl diphosphate is eliminated during cyclopropane ring formation [1,2]. In Picea abies (Norway spruce) and Picea sitchensis (Sitka spruce) terpinolene is also formed [4,6]. See EC terpinolene synthase. (+)-Car-3-ene is associated with resistance of Picea sitchensis (Sitka spruce) to white pine weevil .
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Word Map
The enzyme appears in viruses and cellular organisms
(+)-3-carene synthase, 3-carene cyclase, 3-carene synthase, 3CAR, 3CARS, JF67, Li3CARS, TPS-3car1, TPS-3car2, TPS-3car3, more
geranyl diphosphate = (+)-car-3-ene + diphosphate
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