Information on EC - chlorophyllide a 31-hydratase

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EC Tree
     4 Lyases
         4.2 Carbon-oxygen lyases
             4.2.1 Hydro-lyases
       chlorophyllide a 31-hydratase
IUBMB Comments
The enzyme, together with EC, chlorophyllide-a reductase, and EC, bacteriochlorophyllide-a dehydrogenase, is involved in the conversion of chlorophyllide a to bacteriochlorophyllide a. The enzymes can act in multiple orders, resulting in the formation of different intermediates, but the final product of the cumulative action of the three enzymes is always bacteriochlorophyllide a. The enzyme catalyses the hydration of a vinyl group on ring A, converting it to a hydroxyethyl group.
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The enzyme appears in viruses and cellular organisms
2-vinyl bacteriochlorophyllide hydratase, 3-vinyl bacteriochlorophyllide a hydratase, 3-vinyl hydratase, 3-vinyl-bacteriochlorophyll hydratase, 31-hydratase, bacterial 3-vinyl hydratase, bchF, BchF hydratase, Cabther_B0080, cfxBchF, more
3-deacetyl-3-(1-hydroxyethyl)bacteriochlorophyllide a = 3-deacetyl-3-vinylbacteriochlorophyllide a + H2O
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3-devinyl-3-(1-hydroxyethyl)chlorophyllide a = chlorophyllide a + H2O
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