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Information on EC - methanogen homoaconitase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC4.2.1.114
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EC Tree
     4 Lyases
         4.2 Carbon-oxygen lyases
             4.2.1 Hydro-lyases
       methanogen homoaconitase
IUBMB Comments
This enzyme catalyses several reactions in the pathway of coenzyme-B biosynthesis in methanogenic archaea. Requires a [4Fe-4S] cluster for activity. In contrast to EC, homoaconitate hydratase, this enzyme can catalyse both the dehydration of (R)-homocitrate to form cis-homoaconitate and the subsequent hydration reaction that forms homoisocitrate. In addition to cis-homoaconitate, the enzyme can also catalyse the hydration of the physiological substrates dihomoaconitate and trihomoaconitate as well as the non-physiological substrate tetrahomoaconitate. cis-Aconitate and threo-DL-isocitrate cannot act as substrates, and (S)-homocitrate and trans-homoaconitate act as inhibitors of the enzyme.
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The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Archaea, Bacteria
mj1003, more
(R)-2-hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate = (1R,2S)-1-hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate
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overall reaction
(R)-2-hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate = (Z)-but-1-ene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate + H2O
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(Z)-but-1-ene-1,2,4-tricarboxylate + H2O = (1R,2S)-1-hydroxybutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylate
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