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Information on EC - chitin disaccharide deacetylase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC3.5.1.105
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IUBMB Comments
Chitin oligosaccharide deacetylase is a key enzyme in the chitin catabolic cascade of chitinolytic Vibrio strains. Besides being a nutrient, the heterodisaccharide product 4-O-(N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyl)-D-glucosamine is a unique inducer of chitinase production in Vibrio parahemolyticus . In contrast to EC (chitin deacetylase) this enzyme is specific for the chitin disaccharide [1,3]. It also deacetylates the chitin trisaccharide with lower efficiency . No activity with higher polymers of GlcNAc [1,3].
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The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Bacteria, Eukaryota, Archaea
diacetylchitobiose deacetylase, chitin oligosaccharide deacetylase, vp-cod, pa-cod, n,n'-diacetylchitobiose deacetylase, chitooligosaccharide deacetylase, deacetylase da1, ydjc deacetylase, chitooligosaccharide deacetylase homolog, ce family 4 cod, more
N,N'-diacetylchitobiose + H2O = N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyl-(1->4)-D-glucosamine + acetate
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