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Enzymes in BRENDA™ from the Enzyme Class of 3.4.23.-

For a detailed view of EC Numbers click on the EC Number or try the EC Explorer pepsin A pepsin B gastricsin chymosin cathepsin D microbial carboxyl proteinases Penicillium janthinellum acid proteinase yeast proteinase A rhizopus acid proteinase endothia acid proteinase thyroid aspartic proteinase nepenthesin Lotus aspartic proteinase sorghum aspartic proteinase renin HIV-1 retropepsin Pro-opiomelanocortin converting enzyme Aspergillopepsin I Aspergillopepsin II Penicillopepsin Rhizopuspepsin Endothiapepsin Mucorpepsin Candidapepsin saccharopepsin Rhodotorulapepsin physaropepsin Acrocylindropepsin Polyporopepsin Pycnoporopepsin Scytalidopepsin A Scytalidopepsin B xanthomonapepsin cathepsin E Barrierpepsin Signal peptidase II pseudomonapepsin plasmepsin I plasmepsin II Phytepsin yapsin 1 thermopsin prepilin peptidase nodavirus endopeptidase memapsin 1 memapsin 2 HIV-2 retropepsin plasminogen activator Pla omptin human endogenous retrovirus K endopeptidase HycI peptidase preflagellin peptidase
3.4.23.B1 napsin
3.4.23.B2 Simian immunodeficiency virus proteinase
3.4.23.B3 equine infectious anemia virus proteinase
3.4.23.B4 Feline immunodeficiency virus protease
3.4.23.B5 murine leukemia virus protease
3.4.23.B6 Mason-Pfizer monkey virus proteinase
3.4.23.B8 human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 protease
3.4.23.B9 bovine leukemia virus protease
3.4.23.B10 Rous sarcoma virus retropepsin
3.4.23.B11 spumapepsin
3.4.23.B13 proteinase P15
3.4.23.B14 plasmepsin IV
3.4.23.B17 walleye dermal sarcoma virus proteinase
3.4.23.B18 mouse mammary tumor virus retropepsin
3.4.23.B19 plasmepsin V
3.4.23.B20 HycD peptidase
3.4.23.B24 signal peptide peptidase
3.4.23.B25 thermopsin-like protease SSO1175