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Information on EC - anthraniloyl-CoA anthraniloyltransferase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC2.3.1.262
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EC Tree
IUBMB Comments
The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa, participates in the synthesis of the secondary metabolites 2-heptyl-3-hydroxy-4(1H)-quinolone and 4-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolone. The enzyme transfers an anthraniloyl group from anthraniloyl-CoA to an internal L-cysteine residue, followed by its transfer to malonyl-CoA to produce a short-lived product that can cyclize spontaneously to form 4-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolone. However, when EC, 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA thioesterase, is present, it removes the CoA moiety from the product, forming the stable (2-aminobenzoyl)acetate.
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The expected taxonomic range for this enzyme is: Bacteria, Eukaryota
Reaction Schemes
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2-heptyl-4(1H)-quinolone synthase, PqsD, more
anthraniloyl-CoA + L-cysteinyl-[PqsD protein] = S-anthraniloyl-L-cysteinyl-[PqsD protein] + CoA
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anthraniloyl-CoA + malonyl-CoA = 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA + CoA + CO2
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overall reaction
S-anthraniloyl-L-cysteinyl-[PqsD protein] + malonyl-CoA = 2-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA + CO2 + L-cysteinyl-[PqsD protein]
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