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Information on EC - carbazole 1,9a-dioxygenase

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC1.14.12.22
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IUBMB Comments
This enzyme catalyses the first reaction in the pathway of carbazole degradation. The enzyme attacks at the 1 and 9a positions of carbazole, resulting in the formation of a highly unstable hemiaminal intermediate that undergoes a spontaneous cleavage and rearomatization, resulting in 2'-aminobiphenyl-2,3-diol. In most bacteria the enzyme is a complex composed of a terminal oxygenase, a ferredoxin, and a ferredoxin reductase. The terminal oxygenase component contains a nonheme iron centre and a Rieske [2Fe-2S] iron-sulfur cluster.
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Word Map
The enzyme appears in viruses and cellular organisms
cardo, carbazole 1,9a-dioxygenase, caraa, carbazole dioxygenase, cardo-f, cardo-r, more
9H-carbazole + NAD(P)H + H+ + O2 = 2'-aminobiphenyl-2,3-diol + NAD(P)+
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