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Enzymes in BRENDA™ from the Enzyme Class of 1.13.12.-

For a detailed view of EC Numbers click on the EC Number or try the EC Explorer arginine 2-monooxygenase lysine 2-monooxygenase tryptophan 2-monooxygenase lactate 2-monooxygenase Renilla-type luciferase Cypridina-luciferin 2-monooxygenase firefly luciferase Watasenia-luciferin 2-monooxygenase phenylalanine 2-monooxygenase lysine 6-monooxygenase methylphenyltetrahydropyridine N-monooxygenase apo-beta-carotenoid-14',13'-dioxygenase Oplophorus-luciferin 2-monooxygenase chlorophyllide-a oxygenase 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine oxidative deaminase nitronate monooxygenase dichloroarcyriaflavin A synthase dinoflagellate luciferase 2-oxoglutarate dioxygenase (ethene-forming) noranthrone monooxygenase tetracenomycin-F1 monooxygenase deoxynogalonate monooxygenase 4-hydroxy-3-prenylbenzoate synthase calcium-regulated photoprotein
1.13.12.B5 Arachnocampa luciferase