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Enzymes in BRENDA™ from the Enzyme Class of 1.10.3.-

For a detailed view of EC Numbers click on the EC Number or try the EC Explorer catechol oxidase laccase L-ascorbate oxidase o-aminophenol oxidase 3-hydroxyanthranilate oxidase rifamycin-B oxidase sulochrin oxidase [(+)-bisdechlorogeodin-forming] sulochrin oxidase ((-)-bisdechlorogeodin-forming) photosystem II ubiquinol oxidase (H+-transporting) ubiquinol oxidase (non-electrogenic) menaquinol oxidase (H+-transporting) caldariellaquinol oxidase (H+-transporting) ubiquinol oxidase (electrogenic, non H+-transporting) grixazone synthase dihydrophenazinedicarboxylate synthase superoxide oxidase