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4 Fe(II) + 4 H+ +

= 4 Fe(III) + 2 H2O


AfFtn, apoferritin, bacterioferritin, bacterioferritin B, BFR, BfrB, blue copper oxidase, caeruloplasmin, ceruloplasmin, Cp115, Cp135, Cp200, CueO, cyto-FOX, cytosolic FOX, DdBfr, Dpr, Dps, Dps protein, Dps-like peroxide resistance protein, Dps-Te, DpsA, DpsA-Te, ferritin, ferro-O2-oxidoreductase, ferro:O2 oxidoreductase, ferroxidase, ferroxidase center of bacterioferritin, ferroxidase I, ferroxidase II, ferroxidase, iron II:oxygen oxidoreductase, Fet3, FET3 gene product, fet3p, FOX1, H ferritin, H-chain ferritin, hephaestin, HP-NAP, HuHF, human ceruloplasmin form I, human H ferritin, human H-chain ferritin, iron(II): oxygen oxidoreductase, MCO1, MmcO, mnxDEFG, monophenol-o-monoxygenase, More, mouse ceruloplasmin, multicopper ferroxidase, multicopper oxidase, multicopper oxidase-1, mushroom tyrosinase, mycobacterial multicopper oxidase, neutrophil-activating protein, non-ceruloplasmin ferroxidase, rhHp, rHuHF, Rv0846c, serum ferroxidase, xanthine oxidoreductase


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.16 Oxidizing metal ions
             1.16.3 With oxygen as acceptor