RNA ligase (ATP)

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b1-10t, bacteriophage RNA ligase, band IV protein, class I ligase, class I RNA ligase ribozyme, DraRnI, DraRnl, DREL, gp24.1, P52, phage Rnl2, Polynucleotide synthetase, Polyribonucleotide ligase, Polyribonucleotide synthase (ATP), REL1, Ribonucleic ligase, ribonucleprotein editing complex, RM378 RNA ligase, RNA editing ligase 1, RNA ligase, RNA ligase (ATP), RNA ligase 1, RNA ligase 2, RNA ligase ribozyme, RNA-editing ligase 1, RNL, Rnl1, Rnl2, RnlA, RtcA, Synthetase, polyribonucleotide, T4 RNA ligase, T4 RNA ligase 1, T4 RNA ligase 2, T4Rnl2, TbMP52, TbREL1, thermostable RNA ligase 1, Trl1


     6 Ligases
         6.5 Forming phosphoric-ester bonds
             6.5.1 Ligases that form phosphoric-ester bonds (only sub-subclass identified to date)
       RNA ligase (ATP)