heparin lyase

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Eliminative cleavage of polysaccharides containing (1->4)-linked D-glucuronate or L-iduronate residues and (1->4)-alpha-linked 2-sulfoamino-2-deoxy-6-sulfo-D-glucose residues to give oligosaccharides with terminal 4-deoxy-alpha-D-gluc-4-enuronosyl groups at their non-reducing ends =


Hep III, HepA, heparin degrading enzyme, Heparin eliminase, heparin lyase, heparin lyase 1, heparin lyase I, heparin lyase II, Heparinase, heparinase I, heparinase II, heparitinase II, heparitinase III, HepI, HepII, Lyase, heparin


     4 Lyases
         4.2 Carbon-oxygen lyases
             4.2.2 Acting on polysaccharides
       heparin lyase