pyruvate decarboxylase

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a 2-oxo carboxylate
an aldehyde


2-oxo acid carboxylyase, 8-10 nm cytoplasmic filament-associated protein, alpha-Carboxylase, alpha-Keto acid carboxylase, bifunctional pyruvate decarboxylase/pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductase, Decarboxylase, pyruvate, GPDC1, IFPL730, KivD, KlPDC, KviD, NcPDC, P59NC, PDC, PDC I, PDC II, PDC1, Pdc1p, PDC2, PDC3, PDC4, Pdc5, Pdc6, PDCS.c., PDCZ.m., POR, pyruvamide-activated yeast pyruvate decarboxylase, pyruvate decarboxylase, pyruvate decarboxylase 1, Pyruvic decarboxylase, R-selective pyruvate decarboxylase, SCPDC, scpdc1, ScPDC5, TTHA1213, yeast pyruvate decarboxylase, YPDC, ZbPDC, ZmPDC


     4 Lyases
         4.1 Carbon-carbon lyases
             4.1.1 Carboxy-lyases
       pyruvate decarboxylase