small monomeric GTPase

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Alp41, Alp41/Arl2, ARD1, Arf 1, Arf 1-6, Arf-like 3 small GTPase, Arl6, Arl6/BBS3, Arl9, AtRopGEF12, Cdc42, Cdc42Hs, Der, Der GTPase, double Era-like protein, EC, EF-Tu, EhRab11B, elF-2, EmRas, FgCdc42, FgRac1, FgRHO1, FgRHO2, FgRHO3, FgRHO4, GCC185, Gem, GhRac1 GTPase, Gsp1p, GTP-phosphohydrolase, GTPase, GTPase Alp41/Arl2, GTPase TcRho1, GTPase Toc33, GTPase Toc33/34, guanine triphosphatase, guanosine 5'-triphosphatase, guanosine triphosphatase, H-Ras, K-Ras, Kir, Krev-1, M-Ras, monomeric G protein, monomeric GTPase, More, OsRac1, p21 ras, PRA, Pra2, Pra3, Rab GTPase, Rab GTPase protein 5, Rab11, Rab15, Rab18, Rab1a, Rab1B, Rab21, Rab23, Rab27a, Rab27a GTPase, Rab27B, Rab2A, Rab2B, Rab30, Rab33A, Rab35, Rab36, Rab37, Rab38, Rab3A, Rab4a, Rab6A, Rab6B, Rab9A, Rab9B, RabE, RabE1d, Rac, Rac GTPase, Rac1, Rac1 GTPase, Rac2, Rac3, Rac4, Rad, Rad GTPase, Ral GTPase, RalA, RalB, Ran, RAP, Rap GTPase, Rap1, Rap1 small GTPase, Rap1A, Rap1b, Rap2, Rap2 small GTPase, Rap2C, RAS, Ras GTPase, Ras homolog enriched in brain-like protein 1, Ras proximity 1, Ras related GTPase Rap, Ras-associated protein 1, Ras-related protein rab-5, putative, Ras-related small GTPase, RAS1, RAS2, RasL10B, Rasl11a, Rem2, Rhb1, Rheb, Rheb GTPase, RHEBL1, Rho, Rho family small GTPase, Rho GTPase, RHO-1, Rho-GTPase, Rho-type GTPase, Rho-type small GTPase, Rho1, Rho1p, Rho3, Rho3p, RhoA, rhoA p21, RhoB, rhoB p20, RhoC, RhoGTPase, RhoH, ribosomal GTPase, ribosome-small-subunit-dependent GTPase A, RsgA, Ryh1, Ryh1 GTPase, Sar1, SdArf1, SdArf1-like, SdArf10, SdArf5, SdArf6, SdArl1, SdCdc42, SdK-Ras2, SdRab-like1, SdRab-like2, SdRab-like3, SdRab-like4, SdRab-like5, SdRab-like6, SdRab1-like, SdRab10, SdRab11, SdRab14, SdRab18, SdRab2, SdRab20-like, SdRab21, SdRab21-like, SdRab24, SdRab28, SdRab3, SdRab32, SdRab35, SdRab39, SdRab4, SdRab41/43, SdRab5, SdRab8, SdRac, SdRalA, SdRan, SdRap1, SdRap1-like, SdRheb, SdRho1, SdRho2, SdRho3, small G protein, small GTPase, small GTPase ARF6, small GTPase LIP1, small GTPase protein Rac-1, small GTPase Rab1, small GTPase Rab11b, small GTPase Rab2, small GTPase Rab21, small GTPase Rab27b, small GTPase Rac, small GTPase Rac-1, small GTPase Ral, small GTPase Ras, small GTPase Rho, small GTPase RhoA, small GTPase RhoV, small GTPase Rnd1, small GTPases Rab5, small GTPases Ral5, small nuclear GTPase Ran, small Rho GTPase, small Rho GTPase Rac1, small, monomeric G protein, small-GTPase, SmGTP, TbArl6, TcRABL4, vacuolar Rab GTPase, Wrch-1, YjeQ, Ypt1, Ypt7, Ypt7p, YsxC


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.5 Acting on GTP to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
       small monomeric GTPase