DNA helicase

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3' to 5' DNA helicase, 3'-5' DNA helicase, 3'-5' PfDH, 5' to 3' DNA helicase, AddA, AddAB, AddAB helicase, adenosine triphosphate-dependent helicase-nuclease, ATP-dependent DNA helicase Hel308, ATP-dependent DNA helicase Q1, ATP-dependent helicase-nuclease, ATP-dependent helicase/nuclease subunit A, ATP-dependent RecD-like DNA helicase, AvDH1, BACH1 helicase, BcMCM, BLM, BLM protein, Bloom syndrome protein, BRCA1-associated C-terminal helicase, C10orf2, CeWRN-1, Chl1 DNA helicase, ChlR1 helicase, Dbp9p, DDX25, dheI I, DmRECQ5, DNA helicase, DNA helicase 120, DNA helicase A, DNA helicase E, DNA helicase II, DNA helicase III, DNA helicase RECQL5beta, DNA helicase Rtel1, DNA helicase VI, DNA helicase XPB, DNA repair helicase FancJ, DNA repair helicases XPD, Dna2Pho, dnaB, DnaB class helicase, DnaB helicase, DnaB type helicase, E1 helicase, FacXPD, FANCJ, Fanconi Anemia Group J Protein, gene 4 helicase, Gp4, GRTH/DDX25, HCoV helicase, HCoV SF1 helicase, HDH IV, HDHB, Hef helicase/nuclease, Hel E, Hel112, Hel308, helicase DnaB, helicase domain of bacteriophage T7 gene 4 protein, helicase II, helicase PcrA, helicase UvrD, helicase XPD, HerA, HerA bipolar helicase, HerA helicase, hetero-dimeric AddAB helicase-nuclease, Hjm/Hel308A DNA helicase, Hmi1p, Holliday junction helicase, hPif1, human DNA helicase B, MCM complex, MCM helicase, MCM protein, MCM-like DNA helicase, Mcm4/6/7 complex, MCM6 DNA helicase, MER3 helicase, MER3 protein, mini-chromosome maintenance complex, mini-chromosome maintenance DNA helicase, mini-chromosome maintenance helicase, mini-chromosome maintenance protein, mini-chromosome maintenance-like DNA helicase, minichromosome maintenance helicase, minichromosome maintenance protein, minichromosome maintenance protein helicase, MoxR helicase, MoxR-related ATPase, MPH1, Mtb XPB, MtbDnaB, non structural protein 3, nonstructural protein 3, NS3, NS3 NTPase/helicase, NS3 protein, NTPase/helicase, ORF735 protein, PcrA, PcrA helicase, PcrASpn, PDH120, PF0482, PfDH A, Pfh1, Pfh1p, PfRecQ1, PfuHjm, PfuMCM, PH0109, PIF1, PIF1 helicase, protein NS3, RecG, REcQ, RecQ DNA helicase, RecQ helicase, RecQ1, RECQ4A, RECQ5, RECQ5 helicase, RECQL5beta, RecQsim, Rep52, Rrm3p, RSF1010 RepA, Rtel1, RuvB1, Saci_0192, SaXPD, scHelI, SF1 helicase, SF2 helicase, Sgs1, Sgs1 DNA helicase, Sso MCM, SSO0112, SSO0774, SsoMCM, STK_05900, STK_13070, StoHjm, taXPD, TbPIF1, telomere length regulator, Tth UvrD, TWINKLE, TWINKLE DNA helicase, Twinkle homologue, Twinkle protein, urvD, UvrD, UvrD helicase, WCGp80, Werner Syndrome helicase, Werner syndrome RecQ helicase, Wildcat Gp80, WRN, WRN helicase, WRN protein, WRN RecQ helicase, WRN-1 RecQ helicase, XDP, XPD


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.4 Acting on acid anhydrides to facilitate cellular and subcellular movement
       DNA helicase