protein-secreting ATPase

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afGspE, BsaS, CdsN, Cpn0707, critical multidomain T2SS assembly ATPase, EpsE, EscN, EscN ATPase, ExeA, flagellar ATPase, flagellar T3SS ATPase, FliI, FliI ATPase, Flil, GspE, GspEEpsE, HrcN, Hrp type III protein secretion system, InvC, lspDE, More, NF-T3SS ATPase, nonflagellar ATPase, PcfC, PilB, PilT, protein-secreting ATPase, pscN ATPase, secretion ATPase, SPI-1 T3SS ATPase, SsaN, T2S ATPase, T2SS ATPase, T2SS secretion ATPase, T3S ATPase, T3S-ATPase, T3SS ATPase, TTS ATPase, TTSS ATPase, type II outer membrane secretin, type II secretion ATPase, type II secretion system ATPase, type II secretory pathway ATPase, type III ATPase, type III secretion ATPase, type III secretion system ATPase, type III secretion system cluster 3 ATPase, type III secretion-associated ATPase, type IV pilus retraction motor, Type Three Secretion ATPase, VirB11, XpsE, Yop secretion protein, YpsE, YsaN ATPase, YscN, YscP


     3 Hydrolases
         3.6 Acting on acid anhydrides
             3.6.3 Acting on acid anhydrides to catalyse transmembrane movement of substances
       protein-secreting ATPase