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a ceramide
a carboxylate


(dihydro)ceramidase, AC, aCDase, ACER, ACER-2, ACER1, ACER2, ACER3, acid ceramidase, acylsphingosine deacylase, alkaline ceramidase, alkaline ceramidase 1, alkaline ceramidase 2, alkaline ceramidase 3, alkCDase, alkCDase-1, alkCDase-2, ASAH-1, ASAH1, ASAH2, ASAH3, AsahA, AtACER, CBCDase, CDase, CDase II, CER2, ceramidase, Dacer, Drosophila alkaline ceramidase, glycosphingolipid ceramide deacylase, Golgi alkaline ceramidase, haCER1, LsnCer, maCER1, mt-CDase, N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase, N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase 2, N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase-1, N-acylsphingosine deacylase, N-CDase, nCDase, neutral CDase, neutral ceramidase, neutral ceramidase 2, OsCDase, PaCD, PaCDase, pan-ceramidase, PHP32, phytoalkaline ceramidase, phytoCDase, Putative 32 KDA heart protein, SCDase, sphingolipid ceramide N-deacylase, Tncer, TOD1, turgor regulation defect 1, Ydc1p, yeast dihydroceramidase 1, yeast phyto-ceramidase 1, Ypc1p, znCD


     3 Hydrolases
         3.5 Acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds
             3.5.1 In linear amides