3.4.24.B24: L-alanine-D-glutamate endopeptidase

This is an abbreviated version, for detailed information about L-alanine-D-glutamate endopeptidase, go to the full flat file.


endohydrolysis of the linkage of L-alanine-D-glutamic acid in the stem of a peptidoglycan =


CwlK, L,D-endopeptidase, L-alanoyl-D-glutamate endopeptidase, L-alanoyl-D-glutamate peptidase, Peptidoglycan hydrolase, peptidoglycan L-alanyl-D-glutamate endopeptidase cwIK, Ply500, YcdD


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.24 Metalloendopeptidases
                3.4.24.B24 L-alanine-D-glutamate endopeptidase