Aspergillopepsin I

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hydrolysis of proteins with broad specificity. Generally favours hydrophobic residues in P1 and P1', but also accepts Lys in P1, which leads to activation of trypsinogen. Does not clot milk =


Acid protease, AOAP, AP, Aspartic proteinase, aspergillopepsin, Aspergillopepsin A, Aspergillopepsin F, aspergillopepsin O, Aspergillopeptidase A, Aspergillus acid protease, Aspergillus acid proteinase, Aspergillus aspartic proteinase, Aspergillus awamori acid proteinase, Aspergillus carboxyl proteinase, Aspergillus niger acid proteinase, Aspergillus saitoi acid proteinase, Avamorin, Awamorin, carboxyl protease, Carboxyl proteinase, carboxyl proteinase I, Denapsin, denapsin 2P, Denapsin XP 271, EC, extracellular aspartic protease, More, PepA, PEPO, Pepsin-type aspartic proteinase, Proctase, Proctase B, Proctase P, Proteinase B, Proteinase, Aspergillus acid, Proteinase, Aspergillus awamori acid, Proteinase, Aspergillus kawachii aspartic, Proteinase, Aspergillus saitoi acid, Sumizyme AP, Trypsinogen kinase


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.23 Aspartic endopeptidases
       Aspergillopepsin I