gingipain R

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hydrolysis of proteins and small molecule substrates, with a preference for Arg in P1 =


Arg gingipain, Arg-gingipain, Arg-gingipain A, Arg-gingipain B, Arg-gingipains B, Arg-gingivain-55 proteinase, Arg-gingivain-70 proteinase, Arg-gingivain-75 proteinase, Arg-gingivain-specific proteinase, Arg-ginigipain A, Arg-ginigipain B, Arg-specific cysteine protease, Arg-specific cysteine proteinase, Arg-specific cysteine proteinase gingipain, Arg-specific gingipain, Arg-specific gingipain protease, Arg-X proteinase, Arg-X-specific Arg gingipain, Argingipain, arginine gingipain, arginine-gingipain, Arginine-specific cysteine protease, arginine-specific cysteine proteinase, Arginine-specific gingipain, arginine-specific gingipain 2, arginine-specific gingipain B, arginine-specific gingipain proteinase, Arginine-specific gingivain, arginine-X specific cysteine proteinase, gingipain, gingipain B, gingipain R, gingipain R2, Gingipain-1, gingipain-R, Gingivain, arginine-specific, high molecular mass arginine-specific gingipain A, high molecular weight gingipain A, high-molecular-mass arginine-specific gingipain, HRgpA, HrgpB, low molecular weight gingipain B, More, mt-RgpA, mt-RgpB, RgB, RGP, Rgp proteinase, RGP-1, RGP-2, RgpA, RgpA proteinase, RgpA(cat), RgpB


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.22 Cysteine endopeptidases
       gingipain R