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hydrolysis of proteins and small molecule substrates at -Asn-/-Xaa- bonds =


AEP, Antigen Sj32, Antigen SM32, As-specific vacuolar cysteine proteinase, Asn-specific vacuolar cysteine proteinase, asparagine endopeptidase, asparaginly endopeptidase, asparaginyl endopepidase, Asparaginyl endopeptidase, asparaginyl endopeptidase legumain, asparaginyl endopeptidase,, asparaginyl proteinase, asparaginyl-specific cysteine endopeptidase, asparagyl-endopeptidase, aspartate-specific endopeptidase, Bean endopeptidase, C197 legumain, c197 Sm32, cysteine protease 1, hemoglobinase, HlLgm, HlLgm2, IrAE, IrAE protein, LeG, Leg-2, Leg-4, Leg1, Leg2, Leg3, Leg4, Leg5, legumain, LGMN, lysosomal asparaginycysteine endopeptidase, lysosomal asparaginyl endopeptidase, lysosomal cysteine proteinase, More, N197 legumain, osteoclast inhibitory peptide 2, Ov-aep-1, Phaseolin, Proteinase B, PrVPE1, schistosome legumain, Sj32, Sm32, SmAE, SmAE protein, SPAE, TvAE1, vacuolar processing enzyme, vacuolar processing enzyme 1a, vacuolar processing enzyme 1b, vacuolar processing enzyme 2, vacuolar processing enzyme 3, Vicilin peptidohydrolase, VPE, VPE1a, VPE1b, VPE2, VPE3


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.22 Cysteine endopeptidases