Endopeptidase La

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hydrolysis of proteins in presence of ATP =


AAA+ Lon protease, AAA+ protease, AfLon, archaeal Lon protease, ATP-dependent lon protease, ATP-dependent Lon proteinase, ATP-dependent PIM1 protease, ATP-dependent protease La, ATP-dependent protease lon, ATP-dependent serine proteinase, ATP-independent Lon-like protease, bacterial protease lon, BPP1347, EcLon, Escherichia coli proteinase La, Escherichia coli serine proteinase La, Gene lon protease, Gene lon proteins, human ATP-dependent protease, human lon protease, HVO_0783, i-AAA Protease, la, lon, lon (la) protease, lon (Pim1p) protease, lon ATP-dependent protease, lon protease, LON protease 1, Lon protein, Lon proteinase, lon-like protease, lon1, lon2, lon3, lon4, lonA, lonB, lonB protease, LonC, LonC protease, lonD, LONP1, lonR9, lonS, lonTK, lonV, mitochondrial ATP-dependent protease, Ms-Lon, MtaLonC, non-canonical RNA viral Lon proteinase, PIM1, PIM1 protease, PIM1 proteinase, Pim1p, protease, Protease La, protease lon, Proteinase La, Proteinase, Escherichia coli serine, La, Proteinase, La, Proteins, gene lon, Proteins, specific or class, gene lon, serine protease, Serine protease La, yeast mitochondrial lon, yeast protease


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases
       Endopeptidase La