site-1 protease

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processes precursors containing basic and hydrophobic/aliphatic residues at P4 and P2, respectively, with a relatively relaxed acceptance of amino acids at P1 and P3 =


convertase site 1 protease, dS1P, hSKI-1, kexin, membrane-bound transcription factor protease, site-1, MEROPS S08.8063, PCSK8, prohormone convertase subtilisin-kexin isoenzyme-1, protease responsible for activating sigmaW, PrsW, S08.063, S1P, site 1 protease, site-1 protease, SK-1, SKI-1, SKI-1/S1P, SREBP site 1 protease, subtilisin kexin isoenzyme-1, subtilisin kexin isozyme 1/site 1 protease, subtilisin kexin isozyme-1, subtilisin kexin isozyme-1(SK-1)/site 1 protease (S1P), subtilisin kexin isozyme-1/site-1 protease, subtilisin kexin-isozyme-1, subtilisin-kexin isoenzyme-1, subtilisin-kexin-isozyme, subtilisin/kexin isozyme 1


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases
       site-1 protease