peptidase Do

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acts on substrates that are at least partially unfolded. The cleavage site P1 residue is normally between a pair of hydrophobic residues, such as Val-/-Val =


bacterial PQC factor, BB_0104, BCAL2829, CD630_32840, Deg1, DEG2, DEG5, DEG7, DEG8, DegP, DegP protease, DegP/HtrA, DegQ, DegS, Do, Do protease, HhoA, HhoB, high temperature requirement A, high temperature requirement A protease, high temperature requirement A1, high temperature requirement factor A, high-temperature requirement A, high-temperature requirement A protease, high-temperature requirement A-1, high-temperature requirement A1, high-temperature requirement A1 protease, high-temperature requirement factor A, HtrA, HtrA (DegP) protease, HtrA heat shock protease, HtrA protease, HTRA serine peptidase 1, HtrA-like protease, HtrA/DegP, HtrA1, HtrA2, HtrA3, HTRA4, MAL8P1.126, More, MucD, Nma111p, Omi/HtrA protease orthologue Ynm3p, protease do, protease Do-like 5, protease Do-like 8, PRSS11, S01.273, serine protease, serine protease HtrA, serine protease HtrA1, YNL123w


     3 Hydrolases
         3.4 Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
             3.4.21 Serine endopeptidases
       peptidase Do