soluble epoxide hydrolase

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an epoxide
a glycol


AnEH, BNSEH1, CEH, Cterm-EH, Cytosolic epoxide hydrolase, EC, EC, EET-metabolizing enzyme, EH, EPHX2, epoxide hydrolase 1, epoxide hydrolase 2, epoxyeicosatrienonic acid-metabolizing enzyme, EPXH1, EPXH2, EPXH2B, hepoxilin hydrolase, mEH, More, PNSO hydrolase, PsEH, s-EH, SEH, soluble epoxide hydrolase, soluble-type epoxide hydrolase, SPEH1, SPEH2, TESO hydrolase, TSO hydrolase


     3 Hydrolases
         3.3 Acting on ether bonds
             3.3.2 Ether hydrolases
       soluble epoxide hydrolase