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hydrolysis of terminal, non-reducing alpha-D-mannose residues in alpha-D-mannosides =


1,2-alpha-D-mannosidase, 1,2-alpha-mannosidase, acid alpha-mannosidase, acidic alpha-mannosidase, alpha 1,2-mannosidase, Alpha mannosidase 6A8B, alpha-1,3 mannosidase, alpha-1,4 mannosidase, alpha-D-mannopyranosidase, alpha-D-mannosidase, Alpha-D-mannoside mannohydrolase, alpha-man, alpha-mann, alpha-mannosidase, alpha-mannosidase C, alpha-mannosidase E-II, alpha-mannosidase I, alpha-mannosidase IA, alpha-mannosidase II, alpha-mannosidase III, alpha1,2-mannosidase, AMAN, class II alpha-mannosidase, CpGH125, ER-alpha-mannosidase, ER-mannosidase II, exo-alpha-mannosidase, GH38 alpha-mannosidase, GH38 alpha-mannosidase II, GH38 class II alpha-mannosidase, GH38 enzyme, Golgi alpha-mannosidase II, Golgi mannosidase IA, Golgi mannosidase IB, Laman, Lysosomal acid alpha-mannosidase, lysosomal alpha-D-mannosidase, lysosomal alpha-mannosidase, MAN2B1, Man2C1, Man2C1 alpha-mannosidase, Man9-alpha-mannosidase, ManA, mannanase, More, neutral alpha-mannosidase, neutral/cytosol mannosidase, p-nitrophenyl-alpha-mannosidase, SpGH125, SpGH38, Ssa-man, SSO3006, TM1851, TMM


     3 Hydrolases
         3.2 Glycosylases
             3.2.1 Glycosidases, i.e. enzymes that hydrolyse O- and S-glycosyl compounds