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Hydrolysis of terminal, non-reducing alpha-D-galactose residues in alpha-D-galactosides, including galactose oligosaccharides, galactomannans and galactolipids =


1,6-alpha-D-galactoside galactohydrolase, a-galactosidase, Aga-F78, Aga-Y, AgaA, agaAJB13, AgaB, AgaI, AGal, AgalB, Agalsidase alfa, AglA, AglC, AkalphaGal, alkaline alpha-gal form 1, alkaline alpha-galactosidase, alkaline alpha-galactosidase form 1, alpha-D-galactopyranoside galactohydrolase, alpha-D-galactosidase, Alpha-D-galactoside galactohydrolase, alpha-Gal, alpha-Gal A, alpha-Gal II, alpha-Gal III, alpha-gal1, alpha-galactosidase, alpha-galactosidase 1, alpha-galactosidase 2, alpha-galactosidase 3, alpha-galactosidase A, alpha-galactosidase AgaA A355E, alpha-galactosidase AgaB, alpha-galactosidase I, alpha-galactosidase II, alpha-galactosidase III, alpha-galactoside galactohydrolase, alphaGal1, ATSIP2, E1 alpha-galactosidase, E2 alpha-galactosidase, E3 alpha-galactosidase, Gal36, GALA, galA17, GalS, GH36 alpha-galactosidase, GH97b, GLA, LaMel36A, Mel4A, MelA, melibiase, retaining alpha-galactosidase, ScAGal, Tm GalA, TmGalA, TnGalA


     3 Hydrolases
         3.2 Glycosylases
             3.2.1 Glycosidases, i.e. enzymes that hydrolyse O- and S-glycosyl compounds