ribonuclease P

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endonucleolytic cleavage of RNA, removing 5'-extranucleotides from tRNA precursor =


aRpp29, aRpp29 protein, AtPop1p, C5 protein, hPOP1, hPOP4, hPOP7, M1 RNA, M1GS, M1GS RNA, mitochondrial RNase P protein 1, MRPP1, MRPP2, MRPP3, nuclear ribonclease P ribonucleoprotein, nuclease, ribo-, P, Pfu Pop5, PhoPRNA, POP1, Pop1p, Pop5, Pop6, Pop7, PRORP, PRORP1, PRORP2, Protein C5, proteinaceous RNase P, ribonuclease MRP, ribonuclease P, ribonuclease P ribozyme, ribosomal RNA processing ribonucleoprotein, Ribunuclease P, RNA processing protein POP1, RNA processing protein POP5, RNA processing protein POP6, RNA processing protein POP7, RNA processing protein POP8, RNase MRP, RNase P, RNase P holoenzyme, RNase P protein, RNase P ribozyme, RNase P RNA, RNase P/MRP, RNase P/MRP protein, RNaseP protein, RNaseP protein p20, RNaseP protein p30, RNaseP protein p38, RNaseP protein p40, RNases P, RNP, Rpm2p, RPP, RPP14, Rpp20, Rpp21, Rpp25, Rpp29, Rpp30, Rpp38, RPP40, RPR, RPR1, transfer RNA 5' maturation enzyme, transfer RNA processing enzyme, tRNA processing enzyme, tRNA-processing endonuclease, tRNA-processing enzyme


     3 Hydrolases
         3.1 Acting on ester bonds
             3.1.26 Endoribonucleases producing 5'-phosphomonoesters
       ribonuclease P