alcohol dehydrogenase

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a primary alcohol
an aldehyde


(R)-specific alcohol dehydrogenase, 40 kDa allergen, Aadh1, ADH, ADH 1, ADH class III, ADH I, ADH II, ADH-10, ADH-A, ADH-A2, ADH-B2, ADH-C2, ADH-HT, ADH-I, ADH1, ADH1B, ADH1C, ADH1C*1, ADH1C*2, Adh1p, ADH2, ADH3, ADH4, ADH5, ADH6Hp, ADH8, AdhA, AdhB, AdhC, AdhD, AdhE, ADS1, AFPDH, alcohol dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase (NAD), alcohol dehydrogenase 1, alcohol dehydrogenase 10, alcohol dehydrogenase 2, alcohol dehydrogenase 3, alcohol dehydrogenase 5, alcohol dehydrogenase I, alcohol dehydrogenase II, Alcohol dehydrogenase-B2, alcohol dependent dehydrogenase, alcohol-aldehyde/ketone oxidoreductase, NAD+-dependent, alcohol:NAD+ oxidoreductase, aldehyde dehydrogenase, aldehyde reductase, aldehyde/alcohol dehydrogenase, ALDH, aliphatic alcohol dehydrogenase, APE2239, APE_2239.1, ARAD1B16786p, bifunctional alcohol/aldehyde dehydrogenase, CHY1186, class I ADH, class I ALDH, class II ADH, class III ADH, class III alcohol dehydrogenase, class IV ADH, Cm-ADH2, Cthe_0423, DADH, dehydrogenase, alcohol, ethanol dehydrogenase, FALDH, FDH, Gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase, GSH-FDH, HLAD, HpADH3, HtADH, HvADH1, HVO_2428, iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase, KlADH4, KlDH3, KmADH3, KmADH4, long-chain alkyl alcohol dehydrogenase, LSADH, medium chain alcohol dehydrogenase, medium-chain NAD+-dependent ADH, medium-chain secondary alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD(H)-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD+-ADH, NAD+-dependent (S)-stereospecific alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD+-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase, NAD-dependent medium-chain ADH, NAD-specific aromatic alcohol dehydrogenase, NADH-alcohol dehydrogenase, NADH-aldehyde dehydrogenase, NADH-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase, Octanol dehydrogenase, PF0991 protein, PF1960, primary alcohol dehydrogenase, Retinol dehydrogenase, SaADH, SaADH2, Saci_1232, SADH, SCAD, sec-ADH A, short-chain ADH, short-chain NAD(H)-dependent dehydrogenase/reductase, SSADH, SsADH-10, SSO2536, ST0053, Ta1316 ADH, TaDH, TBADH, Teth39_0206, Teth39_0218, Teth514_0627, TK0845, Tsac_0416, Y-ADH, YADH, YADH-1, yeast alcohol dehydrogenase, YLL056C


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.1 Acting on the CH-OH group of donors
             1.1.1 With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
       alcohol dehydrogenase

Temperature Range

Temperature Range on EC - alcohol dehydrogenase

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0 - 60
0C: about 70% of maximal activity, about 45% of maximal activity
10 - 45
activity increases from 10C to 45C
10 - 75
activity range, profile overview
10 - 80
more than 40% of activity between 40C and 70C with all substrates. The enzyme is not capable of reducing acetaldehyde at 80C, while remaining activity for alcohol oxidation, temperature optimum lies between 50C to 60C
10 - 60
Sporotrichum pulverulentum
10C: about 65% of maximal activity, 50C: about 40% of maximal activity
20 - 50
20 - 70
20C: 23% of maximal activity, 70C: 40% of maximal activity
20 - 85
20C: about 65% of maximal activity, 85C: about 90% of maximal activity
30 - 65
30C: 36% of maximal activity, 65C: 24% of maximal activity
30 - 85
maximal activity at 70C, 60% of maximal activity at 85C
45 - 95
continous increase in activity from 40C to 95C
50 - 80
50C: 45% of maximal activity, 80C: about 60% of maximal activity
60 - 90
60C: 75% of maximal activity, 90C: 75% of maximal activity
65 - 85
70 - 95
70C: about 65% of maximal activity, 95C: about 80% of maximal activity
75 - 90
75C: about 45% of maximal activity, 90C: about 45% of maximal activity